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View our collection of exclusive and rare single malt whiskies here in our online showroom. Add them to your private collection or share these whiskies with friends that are on the same level as you are. Friends that aim higher and reach further. Those who know and value exclusiveness. Our Collection has been compiled with the greatest care and attention. Drink or rather put it aside as an investment? The choice is yours. These whiskies are made for people who truly appreciate excuisite tastes from all over the world. 

Curious about the story behind the bottle? All information is described per copy. Read the legendary stories, myths and facts in our online showroom. For more information about a bottle please contact us. We are at your service!

  • Very rare Whisky

Macallan 30 Years Blue Label

  • Luxury Whisky

Glen Scotia 48 Years

  • Extremely rare

Littlemill 1976 45 Years 250th anniversary

     Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough

Single malt whisky is more than a drink. It’s about celebrating life and making memories with your best friends. A special and very exclusive product with depth and unparalleled properties. In the history of alcoholic beverages, whisky is currently soaring to unprecedented heights.

The ancient Egyptians already knew how to distill liquor as early as 3000 BC. More than 500 years ago, around the year 1500, Scottish monks distilled a drink they called “Aqua Vitae” in Latin, meaning “water of life.” In the old Scottish language this became ‘Gaelic uisge beatha’, abbreviated to Uisghie and later whisky!

Our passion started years ago and we are happy to share this with you as an enthusiast in this online showroom. We tell you the stories behind our special wealthy whiskies and reveal secrets of the craftsmen and their craft.

We want to grow our collection to ensure that a beautiful product such as this beloved drink is preserved a little more.

Whisky is a complex drink and you will have heard more than once that ‘you have to learn to drink it’. Time and attention are the two most important factors in helping to develop your passion for whisky. We guide you on this journey along the most beautiful places and stories in the world.

Whisky, an investment in memories and wealth. Now and in the future…

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