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An avid consumer of the beautiful things in life, Rick de Kroon drank his first glass of whisky at a party years ago. With friends and whisky great things happen and a passion was born. The stories, the craftsmanship, the influence of time and vessel. He has immersed himself, tasted and learned. He wants to share his increasing enthusiasm for this water of life. Whisky stands for unique moments with loved ones and making memories. With a laugh and a tear along with your best friends through time.

Our founder, Rick de Kroon is Whisky Ambassador Certified, the world's first accredited whisky training program since 2012.  As the Wealthy Whisky Society we are specialized in and passioned about the world’s best and most exclusive whiskies from various distilleries. Since 2013, we have been collecting rare and exclusive single malt whiskies for our exceptional collection.  And we are proud of that!

The common factors are rare editions, time and craftsmanship. Pure craft. The stories behind it are often as special as the whisky itself. We would like to share these stories. Because it is our passion and because it is twinned.

We enjoy every sip and every story behind the bottle with our team. We want to share this. To convey a passion. As an exclusive whisky dealer, we are collectors of stories and like to invest in memories and wealth. Does this appeal to you? Contact us and our team will be happy to explain all the options to you. You can also enjoy a private tasting. Offered exclusively by our founder Rick de Kroon, who has developed a refined taste and masters the ability to convey all the beautiful and rich properties of the whisky. Supported with beautiful stories and myths, this guarantees a great evening and experience.

“It is true that whisky improves with age. The older I get, the more I like it.” – Robert Black

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View our wealthy collection of exclusive and rare single malt whiskies here in our online showroom. This has been compiled with the greatest care and attention.

Curious about the story behind the bottle? All information is accurately described. Read the legendary stories, myths and facts in our online showroom.

We see ourselves as collectors of stories and we love to invest in unique experiences and excuisite taste. Does this apply to you? Contact us and our team will guarantee exceed your expectations.

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