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We love Single Malt whisky

Of these, Scottish single malt is the most famous, rare and exclusive single malt. However, you also see more and more single malts from other countries. Scotch single malt whisky is without a doubt the highest production standard and most regulated drink in the world. The production rules are very strict and set the example for all distilleries around the world.

Only a very small proportion of all whisky worldwide is bottled as single malt. As a result, single malt is scarce. The vast majority is used for blended whisky.

We love single malt. When you buy a bottle of single malt, you don't buy 'liquor in a bottle'. You buy history, craft, tradition and passion. We see single malt as a connecting factor in friendship. From an in-depth conversation to the most beautiful memories, single malt completes this puzzle.

In addition, single malt goes completely against the developments of a faster, harder and louder society. Single malt takes time, patience and gets better with maturation. In a chaotic world, single malt whisky gives us space to breathe.

It's not for nothing that whisky is also called 'water of life'.

Single versus Blended

Single malt whisky is crafted and (often) bottled in one single distillery. Blended whisky or ‘blends’, on the other hand, is, as the name reveals, a blend of several single malts. The proportions have no effect. Even a single drop of one single malt with another single malt makes a blended whisky.

Making a single malt whisky is absolute craftsmanship raised to perfection over the centuries. An unparalleled craft where the ‘Time’ factor has become a relative concept. The longer a single malt matures in the oak barrel, the more powerful the flavor and character.

Even the nature around the distillery influences the final taste. If, in addition, the best barrels are used for maturation, the most beautiful and exclusive single malt whiskies are created. Single malt whiskies often mature in recycled barrels that used to contain port, sherry or rum, for example. A vessel can thus add properties that are not naturally present in the grain.

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